Social Care and the impact on the NHS

A recent article in the Guardian outlines the social care funding crisis and how it is impacting on NHS resources.

“Almost 1.2 million people aged over 65 do not receive the support they need with essential daily tasks such as getting washed and dressed or preparing meals, according to Age UK. The perilous state of the domiciliary care sector, which provides support in people’s own homes, is one of the main reasons for this, the charity says.”

One of the major problems currently experienced by care agencies is highlighted in the article:

“Colin Angel, the UKHCA policy and campaigns director, says the £18 per hour is “based on the absolute minimum price, assuming you can recruit enough workers on the minimum or living wage. Typically we’re seeing wages that are often below local labour market expectations, which means you’ll have difficulty recruiting workers. You’ll find providers have less money left over for things like back-office staff”

Deckchair Care pay their carers 33% more than the minimum wage and guarantee contracted hours, yet recruiting excellent reliable carers is still a challenge – but something we do not compromise on.

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