Homecare Software – Now Available For Care Agencies

Homecare Software

Homecare Software that helps management, clients, relatives and carers all work together to provide the best possible care experience.

Since we started in 2017, the team at Deckchair Care have been developing a domiciliary care software application that helps us run our business. It manages the scheduling, care planning, invoicing, payroll and more.

Domiciliary Care Software

By replacing paperwork with an efficient online system, recording notes is quicker, simpler and less time-consuming. Everything previously recorded on paper can be replicated by our Homecare Software. Including medication records, dental notes, hygiene, body map records and much more.

Client Care plans are as flexible as a paper-based system, just much quicker to set up, change and manage. Care plans are made up of a schedule of appointments – each of which has a task list assigned that needs to be carried out on attendance.

Home care Scheduling Software

The main benefit of our software is that it allows client relatives access to the care notes. We find this builds trust and confidence and provides peace of mind.

We have invested a lot in developing this software platform and it means we save time and money on management costs.

The software is accessed via the internet so requires no downloads and works on every connected device. The core system has managed thousands of appointments so has everything needed to run your business out of the box.

Our domiciliary care software is especially useful for clients whose relatives live some distance away and want to keep up-to-date with the excellent care being provided.

Data Protection

We are working with an independent IT Consultancy to roll out the application to other care agencies.

Our IT Consultant (www.west30.com) is bound by data privacy and Non-disclosure agreements so your information remains confidential and secure.

Care Agency Management Software

If you operate a Care Agency and would like to improve communication and speed up scheduling, then take a look at our software: www.homecare-software.net


Free for up to 10 Users

You now now get started with the homecare-software.net system for free (for up to 10 clients). This is ideal for new care agencies just setting up. Even for the more established Care agencies the software is only £250pm (raising to £500 for the bigger agencies).

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