Virtual Cycling System Helping Dementia Patients

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Residents in a Liverpool care home have been trialling an exercise bike connected to a virtual reality screen to go on virtual bike rides across the world.

The system from Norway enables dementia patients to feel a sense of independence.

It’s also obviously great exercise, so helps with general wellbeing. There is also some evidence that exercise slows down cognitive decline.

Residents in a Liverpool care home have been trying the system out. Watch the video below.


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Deckchair Care are an independent, privately-owned care agency. We look after the elderly in Cheshire and South Manchester.

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Care homes: Consumer rights for residents and their families

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has produced a summary that sets out what people need to know when choosing or living in a care home, and where they can go for further advice on their consumer rights

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“A report by healthcare specialists Laing & Buisson in 2013/14  – Care homes can cost an average of: £29k per year (£2.4k pm) for a residential care home, or. £39k per year (£3.25k pm) if nursing is required.”

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Deckchair Care are an independent, privately-owned care agency. We look after the elderly in Cheshire and South Manchester.

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Consumer law advice sets out obligations for care homes

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is providing advice so care homes understand their responsibilities under consumer law.

The advice is being published as part of ongoing consumer protection work into residential care homes and nursing homes for older people (over 65s).

It follows the CMA’s examination of the sector last year, which found that some residents are at risk of being treated unfairly and recommended urgent action to reform the sector.

The CMA has also published an open letter to care homes, reminding them of their responsibilities under consumer law and urging them to review the advice immediately. Care homes may need to make changes to their contract terms and business practices as a result.

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Deckchair Care are an independent, privately-owned care agency. We look after the elderly in Cheshire and South Manchester.

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Healthcare Provider Transfers Care Contracts

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A major UK home care provider – is seeking to transfer or sell all its contracts to other providers.

Allied Healthcare was warned this month by the CQC about its financial sustainability. Some local authorities had already taken steps to find new providers.

Home care agencies provide services such as preparing meals, washing and giving medication.

The company said it had to re-evaluate its long-term business plan and was exploring the sale or transition of services to alternative providers, including the transfer of staff.

Allied Healthcare, councils, the regulator and the government are focused on making sure vital care will continue as normal for the more than 13,000 people, who get visits from the company’s staff.

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Deckchair Care are an independent, privately-owned and financed care agency. We help to look after the elderly in Cheshire and South Manchester.

Currently, we do not work with councils on a contractual basis because the fees that are available are well below what is needed to provide a sustainable level of care.

We pay our staff well above the minimum wage. The level of service we offer would not be possible  based on council funding alone.

However, we do work with private clients that receive council contributions to their care that they top up. We work closely with our colleagues in the council, social care and NHS departments to support clients that are referred to us.

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Triple lock delivers £220 for pensioners

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Pensioners will enjoy a weekly increase in their pension from £164.35 to £168.60 next year (£220pa),

The state pension is expected to rise by 2.6pc from April next year, although this is below the 3pc increase enjoyed in 2017/18.

As inflation is currently below expectations at 2.4pc (September 2018), the increase is still more than the rising cost of living.

The state pension triple lock means it will rise every year by inflation, 2.5pc or average earnings – whichever is higher.

Read more about the pension increase here.

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Doctors Encouraged to Refer the Lonely to Social Activities

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The long term effects of loneliness have been linked to illnesses including heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Instead of offering medication, doctors will be encouraged to use “social prescribing” to refer lonely patients to activities that could help tackle feelings of isolation.

Theresa May recently launched the first loneliness strategy saying social prescriptions would reduce demand on the NHS and improve patients’ quality of life.

Mrs May plans for the new approach to be in place by 2023.

In addition, extra funding (£1.8m) has been pledged to support community projects, such as community cafes, art spaces or gardens.

Age UK are on record stating that loneliness is a potential public health concern. More than 2 million people over 50 will be lonely by 2025-26, a 49% increase on the 1.36 million who were socially isolated in 2015-16, according to projections by the charity.

Additional announcements to combat loneliness include an employers pledge to tackle loneliness in the workplace. Additionally, postal workers are to be encouraged to check in with lonely people on their delivery rounds.

Read more about the announcements here.

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Deckchair Care is a at-home care company helping to look after the elderly in Cheshire and South Manchester. Read more about our independent care service on our website here.

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Elderly people needlessly admitted to hospital

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According to Age Uk analysis, almost 1,000 elderly people a day are being admitted to hospital needlessly amid a crisis in social care.

Reporting of NHS figures by the charity found that there were c341k avoidable admissions for people aged 65 and over during the year to April 2017.

1 in 10 have no children and 1 in 3 over-65s live alone. These figures are expected to rise as younger generations reach retirement age.

Those who do have loved ones to care for them rely on elderly relatives who may have health problems of their own.

Its report also highlights the problem of older people stuck in hospital and unable to go home. Bed blocking  puts even more strain on the healthcare system.

Care not being in place was the main reason there were delays for older people leaving hospital last year.

Read more about the report here.

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Deckchair Care are a domiciliary care company helping to look after the elderly. We enable people to live in comfort at home. Read more about our independent care service on our main website.

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Helping the Elderly Avoid Hoax Calls

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Whilst at a clients house recently we answered a call from someone claiming to be from BT.

They said that our clients “IP address” had been hacked and that they needed to complete a security process so things could be rectified.

Obviously this is absolute nonsense, but when said convincingly could have even experienced IT professionals wondering how that could be possible and why anyone would do it.

The caller included all the usual techniques to persuade people into giving over personal information:

  1. Reputation – Calling from a wellknown brand – in this case it was BT.
  2. Worry – You are in danger of losing something (money / access to services).
  3. Urgency – act fast (usually in the next 20 minutes) to avoid a bad situation becoming worse.

Common hoax calls could be from Banks, internet/telecoms suppliers, utilities, insurers, tv licence, post office. In general any service that most people would be expected to have.

The caller usually won’t know who the supplier is, but they might just get lucky. BT supplying broadband sounds very credible if that is who actually provides the service. However, a Virgin customer will quickly expose the scam. Don’t confirm who the supplier is – this is valuable information and may be used in future attempts!

Identify Fake Hoax Calls

  1. Where are the calls from? Withheld numbers, out of area or international numbers in fact any number not recognised should be assumed to be a scammer. Don’t give out or confirm any information.
  2. Be alert if any asks you to complete a security process or requests any personal information.

What to do on a suspected a hoax call

Thank the caller for making you aware of the issue and say you will call them back, and hang up. Do not answer the phone again if they call back.

If worried that the call is be real, find the callers number via their website / letter head / phone book and call their customer services. DO NOT USE any number that you were given on a call.

Minimise the chances of receiving hoax calls

  1. Go ex-directory. This will reduce the chances of scammers getting hold of a phone number.
  2. Add your phone number to the TPS. This won’t stop scammers – who are happy to break the law – but it will reduce the number of general marketing calls. This makes hoax calls easier to recognise.
  3. Reject all withheld numbers. A phone line supplier may be able to do this for free, or there are phones that can filter potential hoax calls.

Help the elderly avoid becoming hoax call victims. Make them aware of what a hoax call looks like. What to do if they suspect they get one and how to minimise the chances of getting them in the first place.


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Elderly Home Care Workforce Not meeting Demand

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The number of people working in care is not meeting the country’s growing care demands and unmet care needs are increasing, according to today’s report by the National Audit Office (NAO)

Care Worker Pay

“While many people working in care find it rewarding, there is widespread agreement that workers feel undervalued and there are limited opportunities for career progression, particularly compared with similar roles in health. In 2016-17, around half of care workers were paid £7.50 per hour or below (the National Living Wage was £7.20 in 2016-17), equivalent to £14,625 annually. This, along with tough working conditions and a poor image, prevents workers from joining and remaining in the sector.”

Homecare Workers

“There are around 1.34 million jobs in the adult social care sector in England, across more than 20,300 organisations1. The turnover rate of care staff has been increasing since 2012-13 and in 2016-17 reached 27.8%. The vacancy rate in 2016-17 for jobs across social care was 6.6%, which was well above the national average of 2.5%-2.7%.”

“However, demographic trends suggest that demand for care will continue to increase and people’s cares needs will continue to become more complex. To meet these challenges, the Department estimates that the workforce will need to grow by 2.6% every year until 2035.”

Better Rewards for Carers

Responding to the report, Debs Wilkinson of Home Care company Deckchair Care said “We are now starting to see the industry change to some of these recruitment challenges. Carers are doing some really important life-enhancing work and should be better rewarded and encouraged to stay in the industry.”

“Deckchair Care pay £10 per hour which would be a 33% pay rise for about half of the existing care workers. We also offer guaranteed hours, contracts, training, mileage allowance, holiday pay and pension contributions. Everything you would expect from every other industry in England.”

The government intends to publish a green paper on reforming care for older people by summer 2018.


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1There are around 1.34 million jobs in the adult social care sector in England. This excludes an estimated 145,000 jobs for personal assistants, employed by recipients of personal budgets and self-funders and 91,000 care jobs within the NHS.

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