New type of dementia identified

Dementia is not a single disease, but is the name for a group of symptoms that include problems with memory and thinking.

According to new research published in the journal, Brain, some elderly people have a form of dementia that has been misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s.

Limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy, or Late, shares similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s, but it is a distinct disease. Unlike Alzheimer’s, it is thought that it tends to cause a more gradual decline in memory.

It may partly explain why finding a dementia cure has failed so far.

There are lots of different types of dementia and Alzheimer’s is said to be the most common and most researched.

Scientists have been striving to find a cure for dementia, but with so many different types and causes of the disease, the goal has proved difficult.

Having a better understanding of Late might lead to the discovery of new treatments, say the researchers.

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