Covid jab could be required for England care home staff

Care home staff in England could be mandated to receive a coronavirus vaccine in new plans under consultation by the government.

Ministers are seeking views on the proposal, which would see the jab requirement introduced this summer. It is not currently known if the requirement would be imposed on domiciliary care companies, but it would make sense if it did.

Currently, 100% of the Deckchair carers have either had 1 or 2 jabs or are waiting their first (usually new starters). Overall care staff vaccination rate is below 80% in 89 out of 150 local authority areas, including all London boroughs. In 27 local authority areas less than 70% of staff have had a jab.

NHS England figures show 78.9% of older adult care home staff have had a jab.

Across England, on average, 94% of those aged 50 and over in the general population have been vaccinated.

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