Covid-19 Homecare Update

Following the latest COBR meeting, updated guidelines for the Delay phase in Coronavirus / Covid-19 have now been issued by the Government. These guidelines include:

  • People in “at risk” groups being asked within days to be largely shielded from social contact for 12 weeks.
  • 14-day isolation of entire household should ANY member of the household experience symptoms (high temperature and/or a new, continuous cough).
  • The cessation of non-essential social contact and unnecessary travel.
  • Those who are able to, should work from home.

As a Care company, we are doing everything possible to maintain high levels of support to our clients, however we recognise that we may have to adapt our delivery of service imminently, in order to ensure that our most vulnerable clients continue to receive care.

At present, the proposed changes are likely to be as follows:

Those who fall into the following categories will be visited as a priority:

  • Those without family support
  • Those with terminal / life-threatening illness
  • Those who require support with essential medication

Please be reassured that whilst some clients will be given priority, ALL clients will continue to receive care visits at this time.

In managing all care visits at this difficult time, we will no longer be able to guarantee visit times, but will still operate on an Morning / Afternoon / Evening basis. 

Visit durations may need to be altered to accommodate all calls.

With regret, the following visits will need to be temporarily halted:

  • Social Visits / Carer Escorts
  • Meals out
  • Elongated calls to facilitate cleaning and non-essential tasks

As we work together to manage this situation, we will request the following support from family members:

If you are local, we ask that you continue to support your loved ones in any way possible within guidelines. If there are visits that can be managed by family, or that are not needed, please let us know as soon as possible. This will allow us to free up resource to assist others in need.

If you are able, please ensure loved ones have a ready supply of healthy meals, drinks, antibacterial sprays / soaps and tissues.

If possible, increase your phone contact – in a period of isolation with limited social contact – conversation is much needed.

Whilst we will do our utmost to support with necessity shopping, we cannot guarantee staff availability to undertake weekly shopping and therefore request family members organise the shopping of food and other essential items.

When it is deemed necessary to instigate the aforementioned changes, you will be informed however we do expect this to be within the next few days.

As a team, we can reassure you that all staff members are briefed on the latest Government guidelines and know to alert a member of the management team immediately if they, or anyone in contact with a client, has a risk of infection. We urge you to do the same, in order that we can plan and manage our care accordingly. Carers continue to be well supplied in gloves, aprons and sanitisers. Carers continue to carry additional supplies of disinfectant wipes, tissues and antibacterial soap. Antibacterial soaps are now in most client properties for the use of clients, carers and families. Working together we will maximise safety for all.

You can also find further information by following the link below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

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