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As modern life means that family do not always live in the next street, Deckchair Care sets out to tackle the problems that distance care-planning can cause. Not only do the logistics of living away from “home” make it hard enough to find the right care agency for loved ones, but the lack of visibility / control heightens the level of anxiety experienced.

With the use of our bespoke online software, both management and designated client family members will be able to log in and view all client related activity. This provides transparency of service to loved ones and is especially beneficial to those who are not local, offering peace of mind. Alerts can also be set up, along with weekly feedback reports.

Because we think our systems help enhance the quality of care agencies can offer, we also license our homecare software to other domiciliary care agencies. If you operate a homecare business and are interested in using our systems to save time and benefit your clients, follow this link to find out more: Domiciliary care management software.

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