Potential Care worker shortage after Brexit

According to a Department of Health report, there will be up to 28,000 fewer care workers in five years.

In a worse case scenario, the reduced service could mean people quiting jobs to care for relatives.

The report, a response to the call for evidence issued by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), says women in particular will be forced to take up the slack.

“Considering rising life expectancy, population structural changes (significant increases in those aged 85 and over) as well as increases in the number of people living with one or more long-term conditions, there are significant demand implications for the health and social care workforce,” it says.

“Unless we ensure such demand is met, there is a wider risk to labour market participation more generally, especially when considering increasing social care needs. If we fail to meet social care needs adequately we are likely to see a decrease in labour market participation levels, especially among women, as greater numbers undertake informal care.”

The report says there are already 90,000 vacancies in the sector.

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Deckchair care are a Cheshire-based care agency helping relatives look after loved ones. We currently have capacity to help in a number of areas and are always happy to talk to people wanting to move into the caring profession.