Set up a National Care Service to protect our NHS

Writing in the Guardian, Sonia Sodha’s article outlines how the NHS and Social care need to be joined up to save both.

“The founding principles of the health service must be extended to social care. Otherwise, the NHS will be run into the ground”

“.. the NHS embodies not just the principle that the affluent pay more than the poor through their taxes, but that the sick don’t pay more than the healthy”

“.. while it may be alive and well in the NHS, it’s glaringly absent from social care. If you’re unlucky enough to get cancer, you are covered by the NHS. Get dementia, however, and those with modest assets are on their own until they have spent much of their savings; even then, cuts to local authority budgets, out of which social care is paid, mean it’s increasingly hard to get state help.”

“We shouldn’t be expecting baby boomers to meet costs individually, but asking more affluent retirees to pay for the social care system through progressive taxation”

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