More Care Cuts in a Failing System

Some councils are warning that further cuts to care services will be needed in the coming year.

Local authorities plan to spend £22.5bn in 2019-20 on services for older people and younger adults with disabilities. Up £400m on 2018. However increasing demand and inflation means that this is not enough (according to the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services).

The government – now nearly two years behind schedule – has said it would be looking to publish plans to overhaul the system “at the earliest opportunity”.

Councils have had to make £7bn of cuts to care budgets since 2010 and it is predicted that there needs to be another £700m of savings in the coming year.

This means even more focus on those with the highest needs to make ends meet.

There is a desperate lack of money in the system and over a third of the anticipated spend for 2019-20 would come from charges to the public and separate one-off grants.

In England, 30% of older people get little or no help. 38% get help from family and friends, while 21% get council help and 12% pay for help.

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